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MetaLife Helps People Create “Metabolism for Life”

There are a lot of weight loss programs out there. MetaLife stands out because (as its name hints) it is designed to create “metabolism for life”. That’s right, this is not a “lose 10 pounds and done” program. This is a scientifically-tested, natural and long-lasting weight management solution that guides people to make an overall shift to better eating habits, regular exercise, and reduced stress. In fact, because of its focus on behavioral changes and lifestyle empowerment, MetaLife is fully certified by the Center For Disease Control (CDC) as a diabetes prevention program. 

In addition to helping people put in place the healthy habits needed for transformational weight loss, MetaLife also includes a unique supplement regimen that regulates hormones essential for weight loss success. The result? Reduced cravings, increased energy and 24-hour fat burning. MetaLife participants are also closely monitored by a health coach throughout their entire journey! This ensures they are only losing fat – not muscle – which is key to sustaining weight loss over time.

Ready to help people enhance their lives and embrace a full, active lifestyle?

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Benefits of Being a MetaLife Provider

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How MetaLife Will Help You Grow

As a MetaLife provider, you position yourself and your business at the center of your patient or client’s lifestyle evolution. And with a list of “side effects” like losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing energy, enhancing mood, reducing pain, and improving sleep, we guarantee the word-of-mouth response will help you grow your business.

The tools and resources included with MetaLife are also easy to incorporate and designed to help you build traction in your community! Your team will learn the ins and outs of the program through workshops and meetings with those already on the MetaLife journey. You will become an expert on healthy weight loss and holistic living by speaking at your own workshops and community events. And, you and your business will become known for being a lifestyle empowerment provider for people who want to take control of their health.

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MetaLife Provider Reviews

Dr. Kevin Day

“I believe in the product and I am impressed with the results. I generated over $50,000 in weight loss revenue in the first six months after we launched.”

Dr. Kevin Day
AlignLife Chiropractic

Dr. Mark Werking

I have used numerous weight loss systems over my forty-one years in practice. MetaLife is a clinically superior product that I get excited to introduce to my patients.

Dr. Mark Werking
Werking Wellness Solutions

Kevin LaFollette

“We really like what we’ve seen with our clients who have begun the MetaLife program. Many diets are starvation diets. They’re all about reducing calories, so they end up hurting your body. You’re losing as much muscle as you are fat. The MetaLife program offers sustainability.”

Kevin LaFollette
Managing Director, LIfePLus MD

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