MetaLife Implementation Guide

Welcome to MetaLife!

The team at Aceva® is excited you have chosen to provide your patients and your community the opportunity to begin their final weight loss journey!

The MetaLife system is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to empower participants in your office to achieve their ideal weight by restoring their normal metabolic function. We have designed this system not only to set your patients up for success but also to set your office up for success. All MetaLife protocols were designed with the core principles of efficiency, engagement, accountability and results. The purpose of this guide is to walk you through the steps necessary to successfully implement MetaLife in your office.

Congrats and welcome aboard!

The Aceva Team

Forms and Resources

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Table of Contents

Support and Resources

            Support Team

            MetaLife Resources

            Initial Provider Onboarding and Training

            Ongoing Provider Support

                        Operations and Marketing Support Call    

                         Clinical Support Call


            Program Overview

                        12 Week Program Components 

                        Participant Flow              

                        Program Pricing and Refunds

            Online Forum

           Interactive Coaching Platform

           Virtual Coaching Program

           Initial Inquiry

           Visit 1 – Consultation / Report of Findings

           Visit 2 – Kick-Off Consultation

           Visit 3 – 13 MetaLife Classes

                      Class Preparation and Flow

          Visit 14 – Program Review

         Sharing the MetaLife Story

         MetaLife Extension Program

Communication Manual

          Evaluation Script

          Consultation Script

          Report of Findings Script

          Program Review Script

Clinical Resource Guide

          Contraindications and Precautions

                       MetaLife Program Contraindications

                      Fat Fast & Omega 3 Plus Protocol Contraindications

                      Additional Precautions

          Symptom Concerns

                     Gas/Constipation (bowel movement absent in ≥ 3 days)

                     Diarrhea / Bloating (loose stools >2 times per day)

                     Lethargy/Lack of Sleep


                     Complaints of Excessive Hunger


          Adverse Body Composition Scenarios

                    Step 1: Ensure InBody Testing Accuracy

                   Step 2: Challenge Patient Compliance

                   Step 3: Diet/Lifestyle Modifications

                   Step 4: Additional Testing



          Friends and Family Launch

          Clinic Internal Referrals

          MetaLife Internal Referrals

          Medical Referrals

          MetaLife Body Transformation Workshop

          Health Screening Process

          Ten Minute Corporate Talk

          Traditional and Digital Advertising

                    Traditional Media Advertising

                    Digital Advertising

                    Demographic Targeting

                    Strategy Implementation and Optimization