Am I the Right Fit for MetaLife™?

If you are a believer in a natural, all-encompassing approach to health and wellness, then MetaLife will add value to your practice

As more people look to health and wellness avenues outside traditional medicine and medications, they are exploring the natural, holistic world of healing. That’s certainly true for those who are seeking treatments for specific illness, and it’s also the approach for those who want to lose weight and regain their energy and enthusiasm for life.

If those people are your clients and patients, then MetaLife is a terrific addition to what you’re already doing. As a total empowerment system, it doesn’t just offer a guided path to weight loss — it creates a positive-reinforcement bond between you and your clients, while opening the door to additional product sales and other revenue streams.

“We want to work with practitioners who fully understand the power behind the program,” says Shonna Babrow-Goodrich, PhD, Senior Health Coach. “We work with them to understand how to use the equipment that comes with MetaLife, how to maximize engagement with participants and how to continue marketing and outreach so that they have a steady stream of people who are eager to take part.”

Ability to connect with patients over the long term is a must

Because MetaLife has a strong coaching element, program engagement is essential to the program. You can establish an onsite coaching program operated by you and your staff or utilize a virtual coaching program where the MetaLife corporate team supports your patients. This ensures participants gain the results they are looking for with minimal time and resources from your current team.

“The patient needs an accountability partner to keep them and their results on track,” Babrow-Goodrich says. “As the weekly classes go on, it becomes emotional. This is very important to these people, so it’s more than just a clinic visit. Lives are being changed on both sides of the equation, and that is a very powerful thing.”

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