Before & After Transformations

Any weight loss program can SAY it works. We’re happy to report that MetaLife has many empowered participants that SHOW it works. Check out these amazing MetaLife transformations!


“I started the MetaLife Program in July 2019 at Live well Chiropractic. It has been an amazing program. I lost 30 lbs during the 12-week program, then continued on to lose 30 more for a grand total of 60 lbs. I have never been a good “dieter,” but this program really worked for me. I have dropped a blood pressure pill and my legs feel so much better. I have kept the weight off for over a year and continue to use the tools the program has given me. Thank you Live Well and MetaLife.”

MetaLife - Before & After - Mary R


“I have Rheumatoid arthritis and was 180 lbs., I am now 149 lbs. and can move and keep up with my husband and kids. This is huge for me!! I still have more to lose and muscle to gain!!’ (Note from her Health Coach: Constance is  rocking her nutrition, workouts and is an inspiration to the others on the journey with her!) 

MetaLife - Before & After - Constance Z


A big focus for Brandi was to lose unhealthy body fat and inches and to overall feel better. We can all see she has accomplished that and is ready to continue rocking her journey! So proud of you, Brandi!

MetaLife - Before & After - Brandi


Vicki has lost 25 lbs., increased her energy 100%, gone from size 14/16 pants to size 8/10, XL shirts to M and reduced her blood pressure meds by over half all while maintaining her muscle mass! She’s still losing and can’t wait to show even more progress in a few more months!  She’s a true testament that age is just a number and the body can heal itself if given the proper tools!

MetaLife - Before & After - Vicki L


Holly came to our office looking for a new way of approaching her health and look what she accomplished! She lost 15 lbs. of body fat, 3 levels of visceral fat, down 2 pants sizes and just feels better all around! Holly is still participating in the MetaLife program because she has adopted it as a lifestyle!

MetaLife - Before & After - Holly K


Guy joined the MetaLife Weight Loss Program in February because he was done with being “fat and tired” all the time. Over the 12-week program, he lost 24 lbs. lost! It also helped him transform his health with the biggest improvements being: better sleep, less stress, more energy and being able to reduce his arthritis medication!  For him, the best part of MetaLife was the individualized program and weekly support from his health coach and other participants. Guy also reports he has kept up his good eating habits and has lost a few more pounds since completing the program.  Keep up the great work, Guy!

MetaLife - Before & After - Guy


I went from 158 lbs. in my first pic taken March 3 to 128 lbs. in the second pic taken Sept. 26. I was on the Metalife plan from the middle of March to the middle of June. Met my 135 lb. goal in June & continued to lose 7 more pounds through the summer. I am not “dieting” but making better choices – protein over pasta, dark green & orange veggies instead of white potatoes & corn, eggs instead of cereal, fruits instead of desserts, nuts in place of candy. Thank you, MetaLife! I feel better than I have for years!!!

MetaLife - Before & After - Barbara

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