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Hear how MetaLife™ is helping highly skilled practitioners improve patients’ lives and grow their business through revenue and referrals

“I believe in the product and I am impressed with the results. I generated over $50,000 in weight loss revenue in the first six months after we launched.”

– Dr. Kevin Day, AlignLife

“We really like what we’ve seen with our clients who have begun the MetaLife program. Many diets are starvation diets. They’re all about reducing calories, so they end up hurting your body. You’re losing as much muscle as you are fat. The MetaLife provider program offers sustainability. You’re losing less weight upfront, but you’re losing more weight over time that will stay off, and also you’re changing to a better, healthier lifestyle.”

— Kevin LaFollette, Managing Director, LIfePLus MD

“I have used numerous weight loss system over my forty-one years in practice. MetaLife is a clinically superior product that I get excited to introduce to my patients.”

— Dr. Mark Werking, Werking Wellness Solutions

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