Training and Support: The MetaLife™ Advantage

Ongoing support ensures MetaLife providers are able to help their patients as they engage with the MetaLife system

MetaLife was designed to be a multifaceted lifestyle-empowerment system. As such, it has many moving parts, all of which work together to help participants lose weight, engage in better habits and move into an overall healthier, happier lifestyle.

That means a lot of engagement.  The MetaLife team works closely with providers so they are able to meet every participant where he or she is at right from the start.  From there, they then engage on a personal, affirming level throughout the process and beyond. This builds a trusting relationship that pays dividends for both patient and provider.

“There are workshops and webinars that we have developed to help providers maximize their ability to enroll people in MetaLife, ” says Diane Van Acker, Assistant Director of Operations. “We help them go out into the community to create awareness and to generate leads into the program. Once they have those enrollees, we make sure they have all the assets they need for success.”

A product that is a natural tie-in to existing offerings and helps build revenues and loyalty

Another bonus is that most MetaLife providers are already heavily invested in natural, homeopathic and holistic care, so an all-natural lifestyle empowering solution to weight loss and better living is a natural fit for them.

“The natural health and other modalities they promote align very well with the MetaLife program,” says Josh Staub, RD, Clinical Director. “It’s a new piece of the puzzle they can integrate into any patient plan. MetaLife’s focus is to promote a healthy lifestyle and help people get back on track where they need to be metabolically, and that’s something our providers intuitively understand. It’s really just about embracing what MetaLife is, and then working on community outreach and putting the coaching component into place so they can get the most out of what MetaLife can bring their business.”

In addition to engaging with the corporate support team, MetaLife providers are also in constant contact via social media, email and advanced support calls, Staub adds.

“We have a Facebook community where people are consistently sharing their wins and sharing what works in terms of marketing,” Staub says. “I have served as a coach and have seen firsthand what happens when you teach the lessons to the participants and hear their wins as you do something as basic as go over their food journals with them. We want to build that empowerment across the board, so everyone who engages with MetaLife sees success.”

“When I get feedback from one of the practitioners about how they’ve helped change someone’s life, they are ecstatic,” says Shonna Babrow-Goodrich, PhD, Senior Health Coach. “When I get the phone calls, the emails, saying ‘You will not believe what has happened with this patient,’ it really warms my heart. It lets me know that MetaLife is really affecting an individual’s life in a very big way, but also how that practitioner is being affected.  Their enthusiasm around this great system is helping patients see positive results and grow their business.”

MetaLife is a different kind of weight loss program, and so much more. Curious about how it can align with your current offerings? Click here so we can send you more information and be ready for any questions you may have.

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