What Is MetaLife™?

A weight management program that focuses on lifestyle changes and behavioral empowerment

MetaLife is described in many ways. That’s because people are using it for many reasons. Some are looking to lose weight, while others are seeking to improve their overall health by focusing more attention on a healthy diet and lifestyle. MetaLife can help them do all that — and more!

Put simply, MetaLife is a Lifestyle Empowerment Program that has been carefully designed to change the composition of the body (fat-to-muscle ratio) as well as the ability to experience a life full of health and vitality.

As a MetaLife provider, you’ll work with clients as they:

  •     Lose weight
  •     Gain muscle
  •     Increase energy
  •     Enhance mood
  •     Reduce pain
  •     Improve sleep

Weight loss program is a major benefit for owners, while additional components add value

MetaLife empowers the client to reach their goals, and as they do so, they refer new patients and also purchase other provider offerings. The strong word of mouth generated by MetaLife helps practitioners grow their business in several ways.

“I saw overweight people in my practice every day,” says Dr. Joe Esposito, Founder and Formulator of MetaLife. “They weren’t healthy. Their hormones were imbalanced, and that extra weight made them tired all the time. My entire philosophy behind MetaLife is that it’s a lifestyle program, not just a weight loss product. It teaches participants the value of a full, healthy, happy life and how to build that during their time in the program. It teaches good lifestyle skills and habits around diet, exercise and healthy living in general. And once they successfully complete the program, these patients then become ambassadors for the practice in the community.”

By offering MetaLife, practitioners can stand out from other providers in their market. Its comprehensive, deliberate approach to supplemental nutrition as part of a sustainable health and wellness regimen positions providers favorably compared to those offering quick-fix approaches that focus on diets low in fat, protein or calories that only offer short-term results.

Interested in becoming a MetaLife provider? Click here for more information, and we’ll reach out to start a conversation!

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