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Corporate Talks are a great way to reach your community.  It is recommended that you schedule four talks a month at local corporations on weight loss and provide consultations at a discount.  Aceva has provided you with a script for a 20 minute talk. The process is a combination between the MetaLife Transformation Workshop and a Health Screening.  You will start off give a presentation and close by offering an opportunity for them to attend a Transformation Workshop or go directly to a one on one consultation.    


OK, we will go ahead and get started. Thanks for having us at your office for our Lunch and Learn. My name is Dr. _________ I am a health and wellness expert here in the _____ area. Yeah, go ahead and dig in and grab food. We are very casual so eat as we are talking here. I won’t take your whole lunch hour but in the short time we do have together, I’ll be very transparent on my goal.

My goal today is to challenge your thinking. To challenge your thinking when it comes to health care decisions that we are making that affect our lives and the lives of our families. Unfortunately a lot of times the only time we are challenged when it comes to health, is after a health crisis, after we have a loss of health of some kind or we receive a terrible diagnosis or…we wind up in an emergency room. Anybody remember the last time they were in an emergency room, whether it was for yourself or a family member? It is not a fun place to be. So my goal is to challenge your thinking a little bit in a proactive way…..here in a safe environment so that we can make better decisions that will prevent us from getting into those health crises again.

I take care of a ton of athletes in my practice. I’m a huge sports fan. Anyone else excited about football starting as I am? Okay, alright. I have a few, alright. When I do any type of presentation I compare almost everything to athletics and sports so when I would come into a group like yours I’ll call you guys corporate athletes.  And some people will laugh at that distinction but there’s more similarities than you might even think between corporate athletes and professional athletes. The biggest one being you have to stay healthy and well and take care of yourself so you can continue to show up and do your job. If you are not healthy you won’t perform. That’s kind of where the similarities end unfortunately. Athletes have a longer off-season, four or six months to repair, rest and rejuvenate. You corporate athletes don’t get six months off in a row, right? Professional athletes only have to stay healthy and well for a short amount of time like six years and they are pretty much set. The other big difference is a lot of corporate athletes might be paid a bit differently than professional athletes. (ha ha). Since we have less time and a lot fewer resources so we have to be a lot smarter on how we are utilizing those resources.


Over 90% of all chronic disease and illnesses in our country are related to stress and our poor diets. Yes, diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes are related to stress and diet. Do you have any idea what kills more people in our country than anything else? Exactly, Heart disease. It kills more people than all cancers combined. Both stress and your diet literally change your hormones that promote heart disease and it even changes the way your blood clots.

Walks By With Heart Disease

If somebody were to walk by the window right now with heart disease, how would you describe that person?  Stressed, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, smoker, not in great shape.You are right. It is interesting because although women have a higher life expectancy than men, more women die every year of heart disease than men. It kills more women than all of the cancers combined. So it is a huge, huge deal and the biggest two risk factors is YOUR stress and YOUR diet.


How many times do you hear in a day “I am stressed out.” Health philosophers have stated that we have ten times the stress than that of our grandparents. Emotional stress can be a financial stressor at home, workplace stress, or a bad relationship. But not all emotional stressors are really bad. Anybody plan a wedding before? We have a big group of women here. They usually bear the brunt of it. There is a little stress in that, right? Not for the guys. I know that. Or like having people over for the holidays. A little stress involved in that, even though it is fun it is stressful. Getting a promotion at work. “I’m making more money.” “I have more responsibility.” “I have to oversee more people, more problems.” Even though it is a good, positive thing, it is stressful. So those emotional stressors play a huge role in our body and how we are functioning.


In some cases, like the office promotion or the wedding planning, we can’t just get rid of the stress, but instead, we need to be better at managing it. What do most people do when they are stressed?…If they are not a smoker or a drug user? What is most people’s crutch when they are stressed? YES, they eat! And what do they eat? They eat lots of sugar. The average American consumes 130 lbs. of added sugar per year. Why do they eat that much sugar? Is it because they are hungry? Actually…it is not because they are hungry. It is because they want to feel better. Sugar is an analgesic which means it reduces pain. When you brain doesn’t have the happy hormones it desires, like serotonin, it can crave sugar. Sugar fills the receptors in the brain that are starving for the happy hormone, serotonin. However, sugar will cause worsening and worsening hormonal status, lowering serotonin causing you to eat more sugar. Can you see how this cycle can spiral out of control?


To make matters worse, sugar will cause a short burst of energy but quickly burns off causing long-term fatigue.  The fatigue makes you want more sugar to keep up the energy and the cycle goes on. The problem with high intakes of sugar is that it will raise your levels of insulin, which helps to push the sugar out of your blood and into your tissue, HOWEVER, if it continues long term, you gain weight because insulin is trying to figure out how to store sugar…not burn it. If this process is damaged you get a disease called what? Yes, diabetes.

Effect of High Sugar

The effect of this high sugar/high insulin situation is the breakdown of your body’s metabolism and weight gain. Your body’s machinery simply doesn’t work as efficiently and effectively as it once did, therefore you are less of the star corporate athlete than you were in the past. Anyone feel less like an MVP today than you did ten years ago?

When People Gain
So when people gain weight, whether it only be 10-20 lbs. or 100-200 lbs., we can usually assume they also have a host of symptoms such as cravings, fatigue, insomnia and hormone imbalances because weight gain is a side effect of faulty metabolism. In addition to the symptoms, depending on where the fat is stored, you can increase your risk of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes by over 100%. The most dangerous location of fat is when it is surrounding your organs, called visceral fat. It doesn’t matter if you gain 20lbs or 200 lbs, if you have fat building up around your organs, your risk of chronic disease can skyrocket. The level of visceral fat should be 10 or less and I see people come in the office every day with a visceral fat of 20. The scary part is that most people have no idea how they got diabetes or had that heart attack last year because they have never been tested. We have an amazing technology that we brought today that can tell you your visceral fat number in less than a minute by running a current you don’t feel through the body to measure the visceral fat number.

Our Actions

Once our bodies begin to breakdown what do we normally do? Do we reverse the habits that caused the issue in the first place. Heck no. We take a drug or many drug. to cover up the symptoms caused from the breakdown of our metabolism. There are drugs for our insomnia, our anxiety, our concentration and any other symptoms we have from our faulty metabolism. Did you know last year over 100,000 people died in the United States because of prescription drug use? If you break that out over the course of the year that equates to over 275 people a day that die from those prescription drugs when we get to that point and have to rely on those. That is a lot of people!


Anybody have any idea on how much we spent on healthcare last year? It is kind of a hot topic right now, right, with the political stuff going on. Throw a number out. Does anybody have a guess? A billion? Getting warmer. 3.5 trillion dollars with a “t”. I do terrible with large numbers. I wasn’t a math major by any stretch. So I averaged that out to everybody in the country. If you average that out for every man woman and child whether they are 3 days old or 103 years old. That is over $10,000 for every person in the United States on health care. We spent more money than the next five countries combined. So we spent all of this money so we are obviously the most healthy country in the world, right? No, we are not even close, we are 37th. The World Health Organization only ranks 40 so we are almost dead last in terms of how healthy we are.

Healthcare Business
So if you were to equate that with a business model, health care is the only business in the United States that we pour more money into every year and we keep getting worse results. What if you guys poured all of this money into a marketing campaign or training campaign or whatever it was? And not only did you get bad results, it would continue to cost you even more money moving forward. You wouldn’t do that over and over. You would have a meeting and you would say “Hey, we’ve got to figure this out. We’ve got to do something different.” Unfortunately we haven’t done that and that is what I want to talk about next.

Interactive-Live to 94

So I’ll switch gears a little bit in terms of health and those challenges. This is the interactive portion so nobody can hide in this small room. I want everybody to raise your right hand for me. Ok, now put it down and raise your left. Ok, so everyone’s arms work so there is no excuse for not answering this next question. How many of you would like to live to the age of 94? That’s most of the room. For those of you that didn’t, why not? If I am going to be 94 and have to depend on other people or not have a high-quality of life, I wouldn’t want to do that either. I totally agree. We are 100% on the same page with that. What if I were to tell you, you are probably going to live to 94 or above whether we like it or not?

Time Magazine

Time Magazine actually came out with a study three years ago that said the fastest growing demographic in the United States is the group that are going to live until 100. So whether we like it or not the majority of the people in this room are going to live to 94 or maybe even above. So if you knew you were going to live to 94, 98, 100 or above, would you say is the best time to start making better decisions in terms of your health would be ”Yesterday”? Yesterday? Unfortunately we don’t have a time machine figured out quite yet. Right now, obviously. And that is the biggest point I want to make whenever I come in and do these talks.Those last 30 years are dictated by the choices and decisions we are making on a daily basis, right now. Some people, when I ask that question about being 94 they get depressed and worried about it because they think it is not going to be enjoyable. Right? Fortunately, for us I tell people you should be excited about it because we have the ability to shape what those last 30 years look like.

My Motivation

I have the most amazing couple that comes in my clinic once a month. Marion is 97 and Warner is 95. Warner said “Marion is the only woman I’ve ever kissed.” Just the sweetest old couple. They do everything together. They drive everywhere together. They go down to the casino once a month. They take long walks and enjoy spending time with their kids, grandkids and great grandkids. They are live an amazing, active life in their mid 90s. The biggest motivator for doing these talks, is because on the contrary to Marion and Warner, I see hundreds of new patients a year in the mid 40’s and mid 50s that don’t live half the life Marion and Warner are living in their mid 90s. They are out of shape, out of energy, out of happiness and they have not only lost motivation because of lack of energy but they lost function. They have a hard time climbing stairs, mowing their lawn or picking up their grandbaby. Looking at these two groups of people, I would always think “What is the difference between these two groups”?

Bad Luck, Bad Genes or Bad Germs

Is it bad luck, bad genes or bad germs? Really, what it boils down to is bad choices. The choices those two groups made were completely different. Warner and Marion have been taking great care of themselves since pretty much day one. They exercise everyday. They eat incredibly well and they have the best mental positive outlook on life that I have ever seen anyone have, which is a huge, huge contributor to how healthy they are.

My Message

So if there is one message I want to leave you with today “The choices we make today in regards to our health and lifestyle are going to completely dictate our level of health and happiness tomorrow”. My professional training is that I am a chiropractor with a special focus on functional mobility and lifestyle. What I have seen over my career is the combination of the sedentary lifestyle causing pain and lack of mobility coupled with the poor diet and lack of exercises causing fatigue, weight gain and depression. We have created a society of people that are not living half the quality of life at 50 that Warner and Marion were living at 95. Raise your hand if you are with me. Raise your hand if you want a change in your life. FYI: the machine that I mentioned will measure visceral fat, will also measure your amount of muscle mass and those who have been sitting for 20 years may have lost 20% of muscle mass causing pain and lack of mobility.


We take a proactive approach in addressing and identifying issues on the front end before we reach that health care crisis point because at that point, we have to rely on drugs and surgery and that is never the best solution. We take care of a ton of families and a lot of athletes but the biggest demographic, our biggest group is our corporate athlete like yourself. People that have to sit a lot. That is stressful for your bodies and your spines as well.

Health Missions

I am actually part of a larger network of doctors called Health Missions. One of the goals of Health Missions is to educate our local community about a more proactive, drug-free method of managing our health. Our goal is to teach individuals that they don’t have to wait until that health crisis to focus on their health. We can do things on the front end to raise awareness.


However, awareness doesn’t get people healthy. Raise your hand if you were already AWARE of the concepts I taught today? Have you noticed that they have made an awareness month for every condition and every lifestyle concept? Everything from breast cancer awareness month to physical fitness awareness month. I don’t know what this month is but every month it is something. What I think we are lacking is the ACTION STEP that comes after the awareness. If I raised strong awareness about your health that is great, but unfortunately if we don’t talk about the next step there won’t be any results.


So that is the 2nd reason we come out and do these events is to provide an opportunity to TAKE ACTION. When we do a full evaluation in our office it consists of a detailed health consultation and a chiropractic examination to assess both mobility and joint function which includes the evaluation of any pain syndromes you are currently suffering with, and last but not least, the InBody, which we have here today, and this will tell us your metabolic rate, your amount of muscle mass, body fat and visceral fat which clues us into any serious risk of heart disease and diabetes.  After the evaluations, we will sit down with you and go over everything that we found and what we can do to help you. This complete evaluation normally costs $265. However, when we come out to events like this we offer to do this for only $20 and the exciting news is that we will do the InBody evaluation here today if time permits. The reason I do this so cheap is that the funds are donated to the non-profit, Health Missions, to further research on how doctors can help corporate athletes to be more productive, healthier and at less risk for chronic disease. It is a good cause.

Now there are always two obstacles in helping people with their health. One is always financial and we just took finances off the table with the incredible discount. The 2nd is procrastination.


A colleague of mine always says “People are ‘shoulding’ themselves to death.” They know they SHOULD be eating better, they SHOULD be exercising, they SHOULD be doing all of these things, but they have put it off, put it off, put it off and then they reach that health crisis and they have to rely on those not so great scenarios. How many of you are PROFESSIONAL procrastinators when it comes to your health? Raise your hands. So to help the professional procrastinators in the room move from the awareness stage to the action stage, the opportunity I just provided… is only good while we are here in the office today and once we leave, it goes away. If you want to move out of awareness and into action you can see Lauren in the back and she can schedule the appointment for you. Lauren can you raise your hand. I have another engagement to attend so I won’t be able to stay for questions but if you schedule an appointment, we will have time set aside to answer any questions you have. The question you have to answer is how are you going to show up in one year from today if you take action or….if you don’t take action. Think about it. One added bonus to help your family join you. If you have a spouse or children that you want to get checked, you can sign them up today for the same price until Lauren leaves for the day. You can schedule a maximum of three people for the $20 opportunity.


The biggest thing I want to leave you with today is you should be excited about those last 30 years of your life because we have 100% control over what they look like. The choices you continue to make on a daily basis will dictate your quality of life. Those small choices such as getting up and going for a walk at the end of the day versus sitting on the couch or making better food choices or getting your InBody scan to see how healthy your body is on the inside. These choices all make a huge difference in your last 30 years of life. So be excited about that. Don’t dread it. Don’t worry about it. Be excited about it. If you are interested in taking advantage of that, Lauren will help you out.

That is all I have for you, I’ll let you get back to work.

Thanks for allowing me to take up your lunch hour.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

Thanks, guys.