Clinic Internal Referrals

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Internal marketing is often overlooked but it can be one of the greatest lead generating tools for the MetaLife program. Although we don’t hard sell current patients, we always want to expose our patients to additional services that can inspire an optimal state of health. You should strive to drive a minimum of five (5) new MetaLife participants from internal referral from your current patient base on a monthly basis if you are at a minimum of 200 visits a week. This needs to be front of mind focus throughout the month and discussed at your weekly office meetings. You will find a wide variety of MetaLife posters on the MetaLife Store that can be displayed in the office to pique the curiosity of your existing patients and office guests.

There are three mechanisms that need to be used to ensure we are exposing our patients to the MetaLife opportunity.

InBody In-office Screening – All new patients receive an InBody screening to assess muscle mass, body fat, visceral fat and water balance. Any male whose body fat is over 18% or woman whose body fat is 25% should be recommended to have a MetaLife consultation to evaluate for Metabolic Syndrome which is a serious concern for chronic disease. They can be signed up for the workshop after a brief review of the body composition report. Existing patients should be given an introductory opportunity to have an InBody test for a special price (Such as $19.99). This provides the clinic the opportunity to get familiar with delivering InBody results as well as exposing your existing patient base to the new offering of weight loss. This creates an additional word of mouth referral generation opportunity as they tell their friends and family about the details of the InBody test they received.     

  • Tools for marketing:  

Reception Room TV – If you do not currently have a reception room TV, it is recommended that you include this type of media in your marketing strategy.  This will allow you to capitalize on the time your existing patients/clients are in your office by passively educating them on your weight loss service offering.

  • Publish MetaLife video testimonials
  • Create custom Sides explaining the benefits of MetaLife
  • Promote your next MetaLife Body Transformation Workshop

Prescription Pad – During the course of seeing existing patients, you may get into a conversation where the patient is inquiring about weight loss or you feel they need to be evaluated for Metabolic Syndrome. Utilize the Aceva® Prescription Pad to recommend the patient attend the Body Transformation Workshop. This tool is available on the MetaLife Store under “Aceva” – > “Clinical  Tools”.