Evaluation Script

Topic Progress:

First, while you are seated, I am going to take your blood pressure (take manual or automated blood pressure reading).

Next. we will complete your InBody assessment. Prior to the assessment, I am going to ask you a few questions to ensure we get the best results on the InBody. This is the information from the InBody Preparation Instructions you received.

Ask participant questions from the InBody Precision form.

Ok now please remove your shoes, socks, as well as, any jewelry you may be wearing. I am going to have you wipe your feet with these wipes which will increase the conductivity of your skin.  Next please step onto the InBody, placing your feet on the contact points while I enter your information (enter their personal information). Ok, now you will want to follow the instructions from the InBody itself. Please do your best not to let your arms touch the sides of your body or your legs touch one another because the InBody measures each segment of your body separately.

While your report is printing, please step off of the unit and I will take your waist and hip circumference. Please stand with your arms raised at your sides and I am going to bring the tape measure around you at the level of your belly button. Ok great, am I on your belly button (if the clothing is very bulky, ask if they can pull one or more layer up out of the way of the tape measure)? Ok thank you, now I am going to bring the tape measure around your hips. (look at participant from the side and ensure the tape is level). Ok, that’s it!

[Record Data on ML Scorecard]