Health Screening Process

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One way in which providers market their practice is by doing public service. Offering complimentary screenings to the public will allow the provider to become well known in the community and increase his/her number of patients. Screenings are done at health fairs, town fairs, local shows, etc. It has been proven to be the most cost effective and most powerful marketing strategy in the field of natural health care. Screenings are so valuable to our community because 68% of the population is considered overweight and is in need of a weight loss solution.  

At a screening you come into contact with the public in which many have had many failed attempts at long term weight loss.  It is our mission to help as many people as possible obtain a natural, safe and permanent weight loss solution instead of gimmicks, fads and diet pills.  We do screenings not only to allow our business to remain successful but also because we are committed to our mission of helping as many people in our community as possible.

Setting Up a Screening:

  • The number of different places that you can do a screening depends only on your imagination. The most common places are corporate health fairs, community festivals, and local conventions, all of which are easy to become involved with. Usually it just takes contacting the person in charge and paying a fee for an exhibitor’s booth.
  • It is important to actually get an appointment to meet with the person in charge because it will take more than a quick phone call to show them how beneficial a screening could potentially be for the health of both their employees and their customers. During this conversation you must impress upon them how your screening will be an avenue for them to provide a service to their community.

Preparing for a Screening:

  • Purchase a MetaLife Screening Booth (email for details), Pop Up Banners, Brochures, Fliers and a 20 lb Fat Vest so people can feel what an extra 20 pounds actually feels like.
  • Make sure you have enough staff to cover the entire event including set up at the beginning and break down at the end.  It is more effective to do 2-3 hours of a screening with high energy, enthusiasm and passion than to do an all-day event which can drain your energy. The most successful screenings are the ones that include 3 or more people who are all high energy, extroverted and are having fun. Your energy will attract people towards you. They will want what you have.
  • Prepare a Screening kit with all the necessary materials as per the ML605 MetaLife Screening Kit Inventory Checklist.  The most important item in the kit is the Screening Binder. This binder will contain all the necessary paperwork to conduct an effective screening.
    • Event Schedule: The inside cover of the binder should contain the Screening Event Schedule if applicable and a list of all the phone numbers of the staff, in case someone is running late or needs a little reminder that they are to relieve another staff member.
    • Workshop Sign Up Sheet: The ML610 MetaLife Workshop Sign Up Sheet will be used at the screening to capture the name, number and guest name for anyone that signs up for the next workshop.  It will also be used to place a reminder call to each person the day before the event.
    • MetaLife Transformation Workshop Invitations: These can be purchased from the MetaLife Store.
    • MetaLife Health Evaluation Forms: This section should hold enough blank ML615 Health Evaluation Forms for the event. These forms need to be filled out by every person screened.
    • Health Pass: The ML625 Health Pass will be given to the prospect when they purchase the consultation.  The form has a place for you to put their appointment date and time and it is what will tell your staff that they are receiving a discount from an event. They can also be purchased for a friend or family member.
    • Scheduled: In this section you will keep all the Health Evaluation forms for prospects who have scheduled to attend the next workshop.
    • Follow Up: In this section you will keep Health Evaluation forms for all the prospects who have not scheduled to attend the next workshop so you can follow-up with them the week after the event. These people have already shown some interest in the program since they have chosen to be screened and they may just need a second opportunity to take advantage of what you are offering.
    • Discard: This section is where all the Health Evaluation forms are kept for those who did not show any interest and no further contact should be made. However, these forms need to be collected, in order to accurately assess your return on investment during the closeout process.

The Screening Process:

In an ideal situation, there are three people involved in the screening process. There is a greeter, a screener and a closer.

GREETER – The person in the front of the screening with a clipboard who approaches the patrons as they pass by the booth. The Greeter’s only purpose is to get someone to allow the patron to see what it feels like to carry an extra 20 lbs by trying on the Fat Suit and having them fill out a ML615 Health Evaluation Form.  This person must be outgoing, personable, and be able to entice a patron to complete an InBody Assessment. There should also be some type of drawing setup to draw people into your booth. You can use a Ballot Box or nice collection bowl to promote different giveaways. A ML606 MetaLife Raffle Ticket should be available for them to enter the drawing while collecting valuable data about their health.

The Greeter will do the following:

First Confront: Stop the patron with physical presence and confronting statement to offer them a screening or the opportunity to enter into a drawing.

  • “Ever wonder what carrying an extra 20lbs feels like?  Here try this on. Now I want you to sit down and stand up three times.  Now let’s take it off and do that again. Amazing huh?”
  • “We are raffling off a ________ today, would you care to enter the drawing?”

Comfort Statement:

  • “We’re doing assessments to test % Muscle Mass, Water Retention and % Body Fat today. Are you interested in finding out what your body is made of? OK Great.  Please fill out this short questionnaire and we will get you tested right away.”
  • “Why don’t we go ahead and set you up for our free screening? It only takes 2.5 minutes and can give you some great information about your health and what your body is made of. What is your name? John. Hello John, my name is Vanessa. It is a real pleasure to meet you. Please fill out this short questionnaire and we will be with you in a moment.”

SCREENER – This person’s job is to conduct the InBody Assessment for the prospect. They will be charismatic, compassionate, confident and intelligent with the ability to make an empathetic connection. The Screener will do the following:


  • Do a mini – consultation (take notes on the ML625 Health Evaluation Form).
  • Screen the patron using the Inbody.
  • Explain the highlights of their InBody results as laid out on the bottom of the ML625 Health Evaluation Form. Highlight how the results are impacting their health.
  • Correlate it to their health concerns. “As you can see, there is a lower than desired percent muscle which can be part of the reason you have put on weight over the past 5 years and are not able to move as much as used to.
  • Provide the Meta Life Workshop opportunity. “Could you imagine living without that extra weight and regaining your mobility? Well, you stated in your survey that you were interested in a natural solution to weight loss and based on this preliminary information we may have the solution for you. Does that make sense?” [Make sure you have a flyer  or brochure for those who won’t commit to take with them.]

Close the Deal:

  • Provide invitation for the next MetaLife Workshop.  “So here is how it works: You come to the workshop at no cost to you to learn the details about the program.  If you are interested in moving forward, you will have the opportunity to schedule an individual consultation with our health coach at a discounted cost.  You will receive a lab test kit. This will help to understand how much benefit this program will be to your weight and health concerns. The cost of this consultation and test is $179.  If you decide to begin the program after the consultation the cost of the consultation will be credited to the cost of the program. Are you ready to begin your final weight loss journey?”
  • “Okay Terri, would like to go ahead and sign up for the workshop.  Please schedule her for Monday and give her directions. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to seeing you in the office.”
  • When a patron is unable or unwilling to commit give the ML625 Health Evaluation Form to the Closer to file appropriately in the Follow up or Discard tabs of the Screening Binder.

CLOSER –The closer will ensure the patron that they made the right decision. If there are only two staff members present at a screening, either the Greeter or the Screener can act in the role of the Closer. They will be caring, compassionate and motherly. What type of personality is needed to make this job post successful? The Closer will do the following:

Schedule the Workshop:

  • Schedule the prospect for the next upcoming workshop or directly to a consultation.  “If you can’t make this particular workshop please notify us because space is limited”.
  • Double close the patron.
  • Comfort the person that they made the right decision to learn more about MetaLife. “Well I want to tell you that you have made the right choice. I have seen more miraculous results in this office than I could have ever imagined. It is very powerful.”
  • Provide the prospect with a MetaLife Transformation Workshop Invitation (found on Aceva Store) or a ML625 Health Pass, directions to the office and any educational material necessary. “Do you know how to get to our office?”

Close Out:

  • Fill out the bottom of the Health Evaluation. Place the Health Evaluation in the appropriate section in the Screening Binder.
  • Once the screening is completed the Closer is responsible for making sure that the office staff receives the screening binder with the completed Health Evaluations.  

Post Show Close Out
Upon completion of the event, several steps must take place in order to capitalize on the hard work that everyone contributed.

  • The staff must take all the Health Evaluation Forms for those who have scheduled appointments in order to do a reminder call the day before the Workshop.  
  • Follow Up calls should be made for all of the contacts on Health Evaluation Forms that were placed in the Follow Up section of the Screening Binder.
  • All Health Evaluation Forms must be kept until the end of the month to be able to complete the ML700 MetaLife Statistics.  This form will give you an accurate Return on Investment and allow you to make a decision about whether or not you wish to do that particular event again.