Medical Referrals

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It is important to build relationships with local medical physicians who are looking for a solution for long-term weight loss for their patients. There are three methods to build the relationships.

  • Patient Management – The easiest way to penetrate the medical offices is through a clinical approach. For instance, calling a medical physician about a MetaLife participant that has lost 40lbs. and their blood pressure has normalized. Call the physician to see if they will monitor or eliminate the patient’s blood pressure medication. At that time you can see if the doctor would be open to you presenting the MetaLife medical-grade weight loss system to their staff over lunch (see Lunch & Learns). You can also use the same clinical approach and then ask the medical physician to go to lunch. You can tell them you would like to pop by their clinic to meet them because you need a doctor to refer to that understands the MetaLife program.

    Link to teleconference on building medical referrals.
  • Lunch & Learns – Call local medical offices and offer to provide a Lunch and Learn session to explain the Metalife clinical-grade weight loss system. Bring lunch and do a short talk on long-term sustainable weight loss. The two issues in the weight loss industry are that most diets:
    • Cause muscle loss because they give calorie restrictive diets without testing or monitoring of muscle mass levels.
    • Do not provide sustainable weight loss because the participant is never taught how to EAT FOR LIFE using real foods. MetaLife only uses real food and the program provides teaching to promote behavior modification.

            Tools for marketing

  • Letters & Mailers – Send professional letters or direct mail to local physicians introducing the MetaLife program and follow up with a phone call.
    • Tools for marketing
      • Email Copy
      • Letter sample
      • Direct mail