MetaLife Body Transformation Workshop

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One of the goals of MetaLife marketing is to drive attendance to the MetaLife Body Transformation Workshop where attendees can learn more about the MetaLife opportunity or prospects may directly schedule a MetaLife Initial Consultation. At the consult, leads will learn if they qualify for the MetaLife system and if so, be presented with the MetaLife Opportunity.

The purpose of the Body Transformation Workshop is to educate attendees about why MetaLife is the most comprehensive and sustainable solution for their weight loss needs that will transform their health and quality of life. Participants will have an opportunity to schedule a consultation with a health coach to learn if they could benefit from the MetaLife system. You are provided with all the marketing assets and tools you need to conduct a MetaLife Body Transformation Workshop. This workshop can be promoted to your existing patients/clients and can be promoted externally to the public.

Prior to ML Workshop

  • The workshop can be promoted on a reception room television, with brochures, posters, flyers and emails on a monthly basis. 
  • It is recommended that you purchase these two items to demonstrate the difference of what 5 lbs of muscle looks and feels like compared to 5 lbs of fat. This can be used during the workshop and at corporate or community health fairs. 
  • Determine how many team members are needed for the workshop. For 10 prospects, one Health Coach and one team member is recommended. One additional team member is recommended per 10 additional attendees.
  • Order MetaLife Programs from the Aceva store as needed.
  • Prepare Materials
    • If existing patients will be present, log into your Evexia account and print out the requisition form ahead of time. Attendees who are not existing patients, be sure to log into your Evexia Account the day of your workshop and be prepared to create an email or create and print the requisition form
    • Print ML200 MetaLife Consult Order Form
    • Print  ML210 Health Appraisal
    • Print ML625 Health Pass
  • Call and confirm they are attending the workshop using Workshop Reminder Call Script.

“Hi, this is (your name) from (name of your office) calling about the MetaLife Workshop that you are registered for tomorrow at (location) at (time). We are excited to see you tomorrow as the doctor has some really interesting information to share. I want to make sure you are familiar with our location and to confirm if you are planning on bringing a guest. (Be prepared to give clear and concise directions to your office as well as instructions on what to do upon arrival such as checking in at the front desk etc…Ok great, we look forward to seeing you and (name of guest) at (time) tomorrow.”

MetaLife Workshop Flow

  • Health Coach presents workshop using the  ML600 MetaLife Body Transformation Workshop Presentation closing with the opportunity to schedule a MetaLife Consultation.
  • Former participant gives a live testimonial or play a video testimonial.
  • Interested attendees are handed a clipboard to complete Consult Order Form.
  • Schedule prospects for a consultation using Schedule Consultation Script.

Okay great, let’s get you set up to take the first step on your last weight loss journey. I am excited for you! The consult includes the Advanced metabolic lab test with a printed requisition form for you to take into your nearest Quest Diagnostics Center for a blood draw.  Here is the location of the Quest Lab that is closest to you; this will need to be completed within the next 24 hours so we can have it back before your consultation appointment. We can schedule your consultation in seven days as long as you get the test completed in the next 24 hours. If we do not have the test results the day before the consultation, we will call you to reschedule. The normal cost of the consultation, the lab test and the body composition assessment is $479 but we are doing a promotion where the initial consultation is only $179. Do you have a spouse, family member, loved one or coworker that you would want to do the program with you? Our Buddy Pass program, allows you to get a second consultation for only $53. Do you know anyone you want to buy a gift for their health? We find that when people commit to the program with a friend or loved one better results are achieved.

Does next Thursday work for you? Do you prefer morning or afternoon? Ok great, in the morning I have either a 9:00 am or a 10:30, which works better for you? Now that we have your appointment scheduled, how would you like to pay for the discounted consultation, lab test and body composition? Ok great, here is your requisition form and address to Quest Diagnostics (if using the Evexia requisition form. If using the finger stick test, provide the participant with the Metabolic Profile Test) as well as information about what steps you will need to take in preparation for your consult. Ok great, we look forward to seeing you again next week!

  • Charge prospect for MetaLife consult
  • Schedule prospect for consult (at least 7 days from the day they plan to do lab test)
  • Give prospect the following

After MetaLife Workshop

  • Perform Attendee Follow Up Calls. Call all attendees that were interested but did not schedule a consult for any reason to help them get scheduled.

“Hi, this is (your name) from (name of your office), I wanted to call and thank you for attending the MetaLife Body Transformation Workshop yesterday!  I hope you enjoyed the workshop and took away some great information! We really enjoyed having you! The reason for my call today is that we have a couple of spots left for individual consultations with our health coach where you can gain further insight into how to achieve your health goals. By attending the workshop you indicated that you are committed to reaching your health goals so I wanted to extend the opportunity to take advantage of the discounted consult that was offered at the workshop. It is a pretty exciting opportunity because you will receive the metabolic lab test, InBody composition test and individual consultation with our health coach for only $179. The cost is normally $479. Can I help you get your consult scheduled?”