MetaLife Extension Program

For participants that need additional time to reach their health goals, past the initial 12-week MetaLife program, there is an option to continue the program on a monthly basis through the MetaLife Extension Program. At this point, the patient should be very familiar with ALL the lifestyle changes necessary for sustained weight loss and now simply requires accountability and ongoing encouragement which they will receive via the MetaLife Online Forum (see MetaLife Online Forum).  

MetaLife Extension Monthly Kit

    • (1) Daily Balance
    • (1) Sugar Balance
    • (1) MetaTrim
    • (1) Omega 3 Plus

MetaLife Online 

    • Online Forum – Access to a private Facebook community for sharing experiences and ideas.
    • Interactive Coaching Platform – this HIPAA compliant coaching platform allows participants to remain compliant with the program and interact with their coach while on the go
    • Nokia Withings scale to continue to track body composition.  This scale syncs with the MetaLife Interactive Coaching Platform

Maintaining a low carbohydrate diet for an extended period of time may lower your metabolism and thus reduce your weight loss. The modification below is designed to protect your metabolism. After completing 3 months of the MetaLife program, the participant may implement a change in your diet one day a week to ensure you maintain a strong metabolism necessary to continue to achieve their weight loss goals.  

Once a week, they will have a higher carbohydrate, lower fat intake while their protein intake remains the same. This dietary shift will allow the body to use the extra nutrient dense carbohydrates to prevent a downshift in metabolism. Fat is reduced on this day to keep the calorie level the same. Use the chart below and pick the ratio based on their BMR level. Please keep in mind that even though they are allowed more carbohydrates on this day, they still must select from the nutrient dense carbohydrates allowed on the food list. Below is the food unit protocol for this day based on the level they were initially placed in the program. However, if they are currently eating less fat or protein units as instructed, they must subtract them from the numbers below. For example, if they are on Level 2 and they have been eating 1 less fat unit and 1 less protein unit than when they started the program, subtract these from the Level 2 totals and they would be eating 3 fat units, 8 protein units, and 9 carbohydrate units


Higher Carb, Lower Fat Saturday

  • Level 1: 3 fat servings, 8 protein servings, 6 carbohydrate servings
  • Level 2: 4 fat servings, 9 protein servings, 9 carbohydrate servings
  • Level 3: 4 fat servings, 10 protein servings, 12 carbohydrate servings
  • Level 4: 4 fat servings, 11 protein servings, 15 carbohydrate servings

The MetaLife Extension will continue until the patient completes their MetaLife Extension Care Plan recommended by the Health Coach at the last Program Review consultation. At the end of the initial extension recommendation the participant will be scheduled for another Program Review and then another recommendation will be given whether or not they need to continue on MetaLife Extension or transition to the Foundation Program consisting of a multivitamin, Omega 3 and Greens product.