MetaLife Internal Referrals

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In addition to Patient Internal Referrals from your current service offering, it is important that you also drive referrals directly from the MetaLife program. A clinic should aim for 25-33% of new participants to refer. That would be equivalent of one out of 3 – 4 new participants referring. If you are firing marketing on all six cylinders and getting 30 new participants a month, we can expect 7-10 new participants per month referred from the MetaLife program.

  1. The Body Transformation Workshop During your close you can offer a second discount for a friend, spouse, family member, etc. This is currently on the template of the workshop.  Do a survey of the room by asking “how many people would like to do this with their spouse, loved one, friend, etc?” Then click the slide to show the offer for the buddy pass. The Buddy Pass provides the opportunity to purchase a second consultation that includes the lab tests and body composition for only ⅓ the cost or $58. Ask them Explain how we are losing money on two individual consultations, two body compositions test and two sets of lab testing for only $238 but we want them to experience the consultation. If they don’t say they want it, then have your staff inquire again at the sign-up table. Let them know that doing the program with a partner enhances participant accountability which will increase compliance and overall results. This can be a gift for a family member, friend, loved one or even co-worker that they feel needs the help. Partner the Buddy Pass with a “Start your Journey Today” brochure to allow for a high altitude overview of the program.

  2. Buddy Day – On week ten of the program, it is recommended that you have participants bring a guest to the group forum. Introduce them and have everyone comment on the program to the new participant to give them both clarity about the program and motivation that they can do it. A reminder is on the Clinical Notes form that you will use weekly with each client.

  3. Program Review – At the twelfth week, it is important to celebrate the success each participant has had on the MetaLife program. Pull up their Consultation Notes and Scorecard from their initial visit and compare their weight, their energy, sleep, mood, and pain. Make comments on all the wins they have received during their twelve-week journey. Then individually ask them if they know people suffering from the same things they suffered from when they started the program. Tell participants at the Program Review if they bring a guest to the next Body Transformation Workshop and tell their story at the workshop, they will receive a discount off the MetaLife Extension Program or any nutrients of their choice.