Online Forum

The private online MetaLife Facebook forum is a place where participants can interact with each other to gain and share inspiration, support and strategies for success on the MetaLife system.

You should encourage your participants to post their wins, challenges, recipes with pictures to the forum and encourage them to engage with other participants. As a health coach, you should monitor your participant’s posts and interact with them as well as encourage interaction amongst them. For example, you can connect comments by saying ‘Sam, I noticed that your comment is something Sarah has really mastered, Sarah what have you found to be helpful in dealing with this?” Although this is not a support forum, Aceva’s corporate health coach will monitor and interact with the participants to guide conversations that may be leading outside of the guidelines of the program.

It is the responsibility of your clinic’s health coach to add each of your participants to the forum as well as to monitor and respond to their activity and to encourage interaction amongst their MetaLife participants.

  1. In order to add a participant to the MetaLife Forum, navigate to the web link below
  2. Click on the three dots on the top right side of the screen and choose ‘Add People’
  1. Enter the email addresses of new participants and click ‘Add’