Program Overview

MetaLife 12 Week Program Components

MetaLife Initial Consult

  • Consult
  • Biometric Testing – Body Composition, Blood Pressure, Waist and Hip Measurements
  • MetaLife Profile Lab Testing
    • Lipid Profile
    • Blood Glucose
    • Hemoglobin A1C
    • C-Reactive Protein

MetaLife Program

  • (3) Meta Trim
  • (3) GastroPlus
  • (3) Ultrabiotic
  • (3) Sugar Balance
  • (3) Omega 3+ (60)
  • (2) Peak Protein
  • (1) MetaLife Participant Guide
  • (1) MetaLife Food Units Guide  
  • (1) Shaker

Kick-off Consultation –

  • 1st of the 12 weekly Classes to set goals and prepare for the program.

MetaLife Classes

  • 2 – 12 weekly online lessons and group discussions on health topics, wins and challenges
  • Weekly Ongoing Body Composition Test

MetaLife Online –

  • Online Forum – Access to a private Facebook community for sharing experiences and ideas.
  • Interactive Coaching Platform – this HIPAA compliant coaching platform allows participants to remain compliant with the program and interact with their coach while on the go

Post Program Evaluation

  • Biometric Testing – InBody, Blood Pressure, Waist and Hip Measurements
  • Metabolic Lab Testing (optional)

Participant Flow

The flow of the participant’s experience is summarized in the following diagram. Each visit will be broken out and details provided in this Implementation Guide.

MetaLife Program Pricing and Refunds

Participant Refunds

Aceva® is NOT able to include the MetaLife system as a part of Aceva’s 60 Day Money Back Guarantee due to the program’s dependency on patient compliance. If a participant requests a refund from a MetaLife provider, it is at the provider’s discretion whether a refund will be provided. It is suggested you only give a partial refund by charging a restocking fee to discourage participants from giving up on their goals too easily.

Reseller Refunds

If there was an error in ordering MetaLife programs from Aceva®, the program may be returned, unopened within 30 days. If free shipping was received on initial order, initial shipping cost will be deducted from full refund amount and return shipping is at the clinic’s expense.