Program Review Script

Topic Progress:


Today we are going to do a program review where we discuss your findings from your initial evaluation to your latest body composition and laboratory evaluation.


Muscle-Fat Analysis

First let’s look at the muscle fat analysis. Do you remember what shape we want these three lines to represent? Yes we want it to be in a shape as a “D”.  The three findings: total body weight, total muscle mass and total fat mass should be in the shape of a “D”. If the muscle mass is less than body weight and total fat mass, then it would be in the shape of a “C” for “Crisis”. You can see from the first evaluation it looks (better, mildly improved, etc.) You should be proud. You did an amazing job.

% Body Fat

Now let’s look at the percent body fat. When you started your body fat was _________ and now it is ___________.

If done.

Your results are impressive. You have reduced your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes as well as joint arthritis.

If not done.

Although we have more to do, your results are impressive. You are now at ___% body fat. Your reduction in percent body fat will directly reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes as well as joint arthritis which is great news.

Visceral Fat

Your visceral fat was ___ and now it is _____.

If Done.
It is now within normal limits, congrats. This is very important. Your visceral fat is no longer putting you in danger of chronic disease. Congratulations.

If not done.

Your visceral fat has improved but you are still at high risk. We need to stay on course until you are at a ten or under or you will stay at high risk for chronic disease such as heart disease.  



Overall, your metabolic rate has (decreased, stayed the same, increased).

If decreased: It is normal for it to drop a little bit after a weight loss program. The good news it is still at _______ and this will allow you to maintain your weight loss if you embrace our teaching on food consumption, behavior, etc.

If the same: Your metabolic rate is the same as it was before you started the MetaLife Program which is excellent. If you maintain the diet, you will continue to get results.

If increased: Your metabolism has increased from where you were when we started the program which is amazing. You will have an easier time losing weight over a long haul because your body is burning more calories at rest than it did when you started the program. This is usually due to increasing muscle mass so good job on your success.


Body-Water Analysis (ECW/TBW)

You are not carrying excess body water OR you are carrying excess body water and I would recommend you complete The Ultimate Body Cleanse.


Lab/BP Testing

Let’s review this lab report from initial to now. Remember the three factors we evaluated: your cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels and blood sugar levels.

The bad cholesterol, called LDL, was ____ and is now _____. If not improved, recommend Chol-X.

Your good cholesterol, called HDL, was ____ and is now ____. If not improved, recommend Omega 3 Plus.

Remember triglycerides are fat in your blood. The more triglycerides you have the thicker the blood is and the harder it is to pump around your body. Your triglyceride levels should be less than 150 mg/dL. Your levels were _______ and are now ________.  If not reduced, recommend Omega 3 Plus.

Blood sugar levels should be less than 100 mg/dL. When they increase beyond normal levels it is a sign of potential diabetes, increased inflammation and will cause major disturbances of your hormones. Your blood sugar was _______ and is now _____. If still high, continue on MetaLife and refer for a medical evaluation.

Blood pressure should be 120/80. On your first exam it was ____ and it is   now ____________. If blood pressure is still high, recommend reducing sodium intake, supplementing with TripleMag, initiating aerobic exercise and continuation of the MetaLife program.

Scorecard – Confirm Need

Let’s review your Metabolic Score and Quality of Life score initially and currently. Remember we want your Metabolic Score to be low and your Quality of Life Score to be high. Let’s see how you have progressed.

[Review Results and make recommendations as noted in the close.]


The Close

If they are done with the program:

Based on our review of your body composition, your labs, your Metabolic and Quality of Life Score, you have done excellent and have completed the MetaLife program. You were able to reduce your body fat as well as reduce your risk of disease and significantly improving your quality of life (review four factors).

We recommend that you continue to eat the same foods on the MetaLife Program 80% of the time without having to weigh your food or restricting your food intake and you can maintain your results. We also recommend that you take the Foundation Nutrition Program as a maintenance program of supplementation to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy metabolism and hormone function.

If you recommend the MetaLife Extension Program:
[Use the MetaLife Extension Packet to Close the MetaLife Extension Plan]

Based on our review of your body composition, your labs, your Metabolic and Quality of Life Score, you have done excellent on the MetaLife program. You were able to reduce your body fat as well as reduce your risk of disease and significantly improving your quality of life (review four factors).

Based on the fact that body fat % is still at ____, we would recommend you continue on the MetaLife program. Now that you are done with the first 12 weeks, you will graduate to the MetaLife Extension Program since you have mastered the basic system. You know the foods, you understand the behaviors that will help you lose weight and improve your health and you have been to the weekly sessions.

The MetaLife Extension Program progresses from your initial 12 week program to month-to-month program designed to stimulate your metabolism in order to continue your weight loss journey. The program consists of a unique dietary modification from the initial MetaLife Program proven to spark your metabolism and help to inspire continued, long term weight loss. The supplementation program will continue as laid out in the initial 12 week program. Accountability and encouragement will continue to be provided on the MetaLife Forum.  You can complete your Body Composition monthly with a Withings Nokia Body + Smart Body Composition WiFi Digital Scale.  In addition to only half the commitment, you will only pay one third of the cost. The cost of the monthly MetaLife Extension Program is only $178.

Based on the current findings, I would recommend committing to the MetaLife Extension program for approximately ___ months.

Let me ask you a question: Are you willing to continue to commit the time and energy to the program so we can reach the goal of ___ body fat? Keep in mind, it is now half the time.

[Wait and only accept a YES to proceed and give them the offer.]

Excellent, the finances of the MetaLife Extension program is very simple.

MetaLife Extension finances are easy. $178 a month collected via auto pay with a credit card. We are recommending that you continue for ___ months. We will have your kit at the second session of the month so you are ready the following month. You can cancel at any time just let us now at least 48 hours in advance of next payment.

There is also a program incentive to receive a $75 rebate on your MetaLife Extension Program. If you bring a guest to the Body Transformation Workshop and tell your story at the workshop, you will receive a $75 coupon off MetaLife Extension Program or any nutrients of your choice. The coupon will be authorized with a date of the seminar and an authorized signature.