Sharing the MetaLife Story

Implementing MetaLife is an exciting journey because you are empowering your patients with the support and resources necessary to not only change their bodies, but to change their lives. Each MetaLife participant will have their own unique MetaLife journey that will be challenging, exciting and rewarding.

The best way to reach more people with MetaLife is to give participants a chance to share their stories and inspire others. Most of your participants will find that the ability to use their story to help others will be a reward in itself.

The objective of this process is to capture the impact that MetaLife has on participant’s lives. In order to do this, you must expose what challenges MetaLife has helped them to address in their life. If the participant decided to embrace the additional $95 discount in exchange for sharing the pre and post MetaLife story, you will collect the Pre-MetaLife photos and video which will be captured at the Kick-Off consultation. Then, at the end of the participant’s MetaLife journey, the Post-MetaLife interview and photos will be captured.

The participant will receive $95 discount on the program in exchange for their story. Make the participants comfortable that we are looking for incredible stories and remarkable changes in their body composition. If the outcomes are not something they are comfortable with, we would most likely not use it as a showcase story for the program.

Expectations and Preparation

It is very important to be prepared and also to prepare the participant for what to expect in order to obtain video footage and photos that will best represent your participant’s MetaLife Journey. In preparing for your video interview you will want to put some thought into the location. The most important aspects when it comes creating good video is the environment. This includes controlling noise, having good lighting, and a good background. The process should be quick and simple. You will want the participant to take up the majority of the frame of the camera and capture them from the waist up as they tell their story.  You will also want to ensure that your camera and any other equipment are present and functioning properly and that whoever is conducting the interview is well trained in using the equipment. Each step in this process is vital because the participant interviews involve a lot of emotion and it is difficult to reproduce the emotion a second time if there is an error in production.

The three aspects of a high-quality video are background, lighting and sound.

  • Background – Completely free of noise with a non-cluttered background. View the background through the camera to make sure there is not any distracting pictures, windows, etc.
  • Lighting – Make sure you have ample lighting. If you need additional lighting and plan to do a number of videos as you embrace your MetaLife program I would recommend you get a lighting kit.
  • Sound – You can use an iPhone or another smartphone camera. Have the camera on a smartphone tripod with the camera horizontal during video recording. Make sure you have a microphone for your phone. It will make an incredible difference in the quality of your video production.
  • Other Deliverables

Day of Interviews and Photos

  • Set up camera
    • Double check camera battery and memory storage
    • Use test subject to get camera in the right position and to focus lens
  • Instruct the participant
    • Thank the participant for sharing their story and let them know how excited you are to capture their journey and how impactful you have found this process for participants to see how far they’ve come.
    • Prompt participant with primary questions (see below), giving them the subtopics as examples of areas to touch on. Tell the participant that you will do one take straight through and when they are finished talking to just keep smiling. Tell them that you may then ask some follow up questions after the first take.
    • Appearance/Speech
      • Sit up straight
      • Speak slowly
      • Where to look (at camera or at interviewer)
      • Take deep breaths before getting started (if they are nervous)
  • Record the participant telling their story – do the take straight through.
  • Ask specific questions in individual takes – tell the participant what question you would like them to answer before starting the take.
  • Take Pre or Post Photos
    • Views: Front, right side

After the Interview

Aceva will provide the professional editing services for your pre and post pictures and videos. Simply send the raw footage to with a subject “MetaLife Testimonial” and your footage will be made into a great testimonial for your office!

Interview Questions

  • What were you experiencing before you started MetaLife?
  • What did you expect going into MetaLife?
  • Tell me about your experience with MetaLife
    • Interaction with team (office staff, health coach, doctor)
    • How did you feel about the food choices?
    • Were you hungry?
    • Did you experience cravings?
    • What was your experience with the MetaLife Lessons?
    • What was your experience with the social aspect of the program?
    • What was your experience with the nutrients?
    • What was your experience with the InBody?What was your biggest challenge/change you had to make?
    • What was your biggest win? A lot of people start with the goal of weight loss but it is usually not their biggest win by the end of the program.
    • Describe your Energy, Sleep, Mood, Chronic Pain during your journey.
    • What advice would you give to your former self-starting the program?