Traditional and Digital Advertising

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Traditional Media Advertising   


As a benefit of being a MetaLife provider, you will have access to a collection of MetaLife custom branded media resources. These resources may be used by your internal team or a vendor of your choice to implement and optimize a comprehensive custom marketing strategy.

  1. Newspaper
  2. Radio
  3. Television
  4. Billboards
  5. Direct Mail

Digital Advertising


The internet is prime real estate for driving leads into the program. The weight loss keyword is very competitive therefore it will cost more than marketing other services in your practice but the return on investment provides very aggressive margins. Consistent internal efforts to post on various social media platforms showcasing MetaLife in your clinic is key to sustainable growth in your community. Utilizing social platforms to assist in building awareness and social proof will add credibility and excitement to all other marketing efforts. Different avenues of digital marketing include:

  • Web Exposure – Immediately upon completion of the initial onboarding you will be added to the website with contact information and lead routing for people to request more information. You are able to submit workshop dates to be added to the upcoming workshop listings as well through, please be sure to include time, date and location of the workshop. Aceva runs national branding ads that may generate passive leads for your clinic when they are in your community.

  • Social Content and Promotions
    • Posts – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter – It is recommended to post a minimum of once per week with a strong MetaLife message. Suggested topics are:
      • Testimonials from participants
      • Informational clips on why MetaLife is different
      • Video clips on different aspects of MetaLife, “What is Metabolic Syndrome, why MetaLife helps”
      • Event updates, when is your next workshop and how do people register
      • Like, Comment & Share events to give away one free 12 week course, this is an aggressive way to get the word out about your office.
      • MetaLife compliant recipes “See how easy MetaLife is” “Don’t think you can’t eat REAL food”
    • Events – When an event is created on Facebook to drive traffic to a workshop or other event be sure to post consistently inside the event to remind people to register or share the event with friends/family.
    • Facebook Live –
  • Paid Search or Display    
    • Google (or other Search Engine)
    • Yelp
    • Traditional Media Web pages such as Radio Stations, Local Newspapers

Demographic Targeting

Typically, in most households, the 35-55 year old female is the driving force behind health initiatives and health care decisions for the whole family. This has deemed them the primary target for MetaLife. Utilizing the economic standard in traditional media targeting of 75K annual household income targets people who have enough disposable income where the cost of the investment won’t turn them away. In a generation where “skinny fat” is far too common (thin people with excessive body fat), you may also take an approach toward wellness rather than only targeting weight loss. This targeting method will not only reach this growing demographic but also encourage the buddy system, attracting participants with a wide variety of health goals.

Strategy Implementation and Optimization

When first implementing MetaLife in your practice, you will most likely start off by getting a generous number of leads from your existing patient/client base.  However, over time that will dry up and in order to keep the momentum going it is imperative that you have a Digital Marketing Strategy in place. Your overall marketing strategy must include internal, external and digital in order for your digital investment to get a respectable return.  

When Implementing a Digital Online Marketing Strategy, it is important that you include the following:

    • Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn Advertising. Objective (i.e. lead generation) advertising by way of sharing white papers or an educational series in exchange for contact information of the self-identified medical professionals we will be targeting.
    • Banner Ads. Targeting based on location, behavior, context, affinity, keyword, and demographics. Includes retargeting of website and landing page visitors.
    • SEM – Google Adwords: Place your text ad on search engine results pages in front of those with INTENT
      • Search Targeting – Identifies people who will be interested in your messages, based on the words they’ve recently been searching online.
      • Contextual Targeting – Engages your business with people reading articles about topics related to your products and services.
      • Geo-Fencing – Delivers your message to potential customers within a specific geographic location
      • Retargeting – Deliver advertisements to those who have visited your website to increase impressions, views, and sales
    • Landing Pages
    • Tracking Phone Numbers
    • Website Design: Create a website that speaks to your target audience
    • Search Engine Optimization: Gain Authority and Credibility w/the Search Engines

The general recommendation for a MetaLife clinic’s monthly media budget is $5,000-10,000 for startups and $10-25,000 for established clinics. The goal should be to run three or more media/web campaigns continuously throughout the month along with grassroots efforts. The monthly budget should rise as your gross monthly MetaLife revenue increases to reinvest a portion of your profits to continue to grow your return.

Aceva has worked with different marketing companies to implement various strategies to advertise the MetaLife program that can be executed in your community. While you may use any marketing company of your choosing we have included some information below on a few of the companies we have seen a high level of success with, if you would like to explore the utilization of their services please contact and the Aceva team will facilitate an introduction. After the introduction, they will conduct market research in your community to outline a customized course of action and put together a proposal customized for you.