Virtual Coaching Program

As a MetaLife Practitioner you have an option to provide the MetaLife Classes in your office by a Health Coach employed by you, or have one of Aceva’s Health Coaches provide Virtual Health Classes for you. By using the MetaLife Virtual Coaching Program, it allows you to still provide an amazing weight loss program to your community without having to use up a lot of your bandwidth.  All you have to do is sell the program, provide your consultation notes and scorecard to the coach, and leave the rest up to Aceva.

If you choose to utilize the Virtual Coaching Program, you must:

  • Enroll the participant into the program by clicking the “Add to Participant” link in your Aceva Account.  
    • Select “Class 2” to ensure the participant is sent the appropriate class video.
    • Select the option to enroll in Virtual Coaching.
    • Upload the participant’s Health Appraisal, Consultation Notes, Inbody Scan, Scorecard and Labs if completed.
    • Provide payment information (Cost is $448 per participant).  
  • Provide/Sell them a Withings Nokia Body + Smart Body Composition WiFi Digital Scale that integrates with our Interactive Coaching Platform.

Once the participant is enrolled, they will be assigned to one of our Coaches and their Kick-Off Consultation will be scheduled.  The Virtual Coach will:

  • Conduct the Kick-Off Consultation to ensure the participant knows what to expect and get them set up on the MetaLife Forum and Interactive Coaching Platform.  
  • Meet with the participant one-on-one each week to take them through each Class
  • Review their MetaLife units, quality of life score, food diary and the MetaLife video lesson  each week based on the data submitted through the Interactive Coaching Platform and the data synced from the Nokia Scale
  • Report back to the primary care provider on a Monthly basis to report progress.


You also have 2 options for the participant to purchase the 12 Week Program:

  • They can purchase the program directly from Aceva through your affiliate link.  
    • When purchased directly from Aceva, the kit will include the Nokia Scale that syncs with the Interactive Coaching Platform.  
    • You will receive an affiliate payout based on your Customer Group (Platinum or Gold).  Affiliate payout will be your profit, subtracting credit card processing fees.
  • They can purchase the program directly from you in your office.