Visit 1 – Consultation / Report of Findings

The purpose of the MetaLife Consult is to help individuals understand their current health situation and why MetaLife is the best path to achieve their health goals. During the consult, you will gather the participant’s subjective and objective data as well as their health goals and present the information back to them in a Report of Findings.

Subjective data is gathered through the Health Appraisal and the initial consultation. Objective data is gathered through the InBody Assessment, Metabolic Lab Testing*, blood pressure, and waist/hip measurements. If they are qualified, you will present them with the MetaLife Opportunity.

*Metabolic Lab Testing is optional. Ideally, if you choose to do lab testing, you will have the results back from the Metabolic Lab Test prior to the consultation, however, if you have not received the results yet you will proceed with the consult without them and review them with the patient at a later date.

Prior to MetaLife Consultation

  • Print ML305 New Participant Packet
    • MetaLife Participant Checklist (ML305a) (paper clip or staple to outside of a new participant folder).
    • MetaLife Consultation Form (ML305b)
    • MetaLife Care Plan (ML305c)
    • MetaLife Scorecard
      • With Labs
      • Without Labs
  • Complete Consultation Reminder Calls the day before each consult

“Hi (participant name), we are looking forward to seeing you for your MetaLife Consultation tomorrow at (consultation time) with (doctor or health coach name). I wanted to let you know that we have received your lab results. I would also like to remind you to review the preparation sheet that you received at the workshop and to bring your completed Health Appraisal in order to get the most of out of your consult. Do you have any questions for me? Ok great, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!”

  • If you are doing labs, print lab results from your Evexia Lab Account. Results should be available approx 3 business days after blood sample is collected. If you have not yet received the lab results you will review them with the patient at their next visit.  

MetaLife Consultation/Report of Findings

  • Perform Body Composition & Biometrics (blood pressure, waist, and hips)
    • Record results on the MetaLife Scorecard and complete score.
    • Record results on the monthly tracking tab in the ML150 MetaLife Statistics spreadsheet.
  • Perform Consultation (Script)
  • Perform Report of Findings (Script)
  • Close Out
    • Click “Add a Participant” when logged into your Aceva Account.
      • Videos and other motivation emails will be sent to the participant each week automatically. Once signed up, the participant will immediately receive an email to confirm their address and provide them with the first video to be reviewed at the Kick-Off Consultation. Class videos will then be sent every 7 days after registering the participant depending on which class you indicated was their starting point. Participants can watch the video, complete the worksheet and then bring it to the following class.
      • “Register for Virtual Coaching” – If you wanting to opt the participant into the Virtual Coaching program, this will notify our Health Coaching team of the new participant and will provide an order form to process the payment for this service (see ‘MetaLife Virtual Coaching Program).
    • If NOT using virtual coaching, schedule participant for Kick Off Consultation
    • Capture pre-program photos & optional video (see ‘Sharing the MetaLife Story‘).