Visit 14 – Program Review

After the initial 12 weeks, a follow-up consultation will be scheduled, called the Program Review. During the consult, the health coach will review the participant’s results with them to see whether they have met their goals by comparing their initial and final scorecard and discuss the participant’s life effect established during the initial consult. The health coach will then recommend whether or not the participant should continue with the MetaLife Extension Program.

  1. Perform Program Review Consultation (Script)
    1. Print ML500 MetaLife Extension Packet
      1. MetaLife Scorecard
      2. MetaLife Progress Report
      3. MetaLife Extension Care Plan
      4. Aceva Release Form
    2. Review Health Appraisal
    3. Review body comp, labs, scorecard
    4. Present MetaLife Extension Care Plan (found in Extension Packet)  
    5. Offer a discount off a MetaLife Extension Program or any nutrients of their choice to capture post-program photos and optional video and have them sign the Aceva Release form (see ‘Sharing the MetaLife Story’).
    6. If the participant chooses to enroll in the MetaLife Extension Program you have 2 options:
      1. Have participant purchase a MetaLife Extension Kit from you in your clinic and you can continue to have them come in once a month to do an Inbody Scan.
      2. Enroll the participant in a Virtual MetaLife Extension Program where Aceva will continue to touch base with the participant each month and provide the accountability for you but you still receive your commission on the online purchase.  To enroll in this program the participant must go to the site and place an order for the MetaLife Extension Program Subscription. You must ensure however that they have a Withings Nokia Body + Smart Body Composition WiFi Digital Scale to continue to track body composition.  This scale syncs with the MetaLife Interactive Coaching Platform  You can purchase and resell these scales to the patient, or direct them to purchase them online.