Visit 2 – Kick-Off Consultation

During the Kick Off Consult, the Health Coach will set expectations for the program and complete the first Module of the MetaLife Class Series assisting them with setting SMART goals.

Perform MetaLife Kick-Off Consult (Script)

  • Show Goal Setting Video
  • Utilize the ML400 MetaLife Provider Weekly Class Resources to review the first class on Goal Setting. This document will guide you through managing each weekly class.
    • Wins/Challenges
    • Lesson Summary
    • Inspired Action
  • Review MetaLife Kit in detail with manual and journal.
  • Discuss their fears and concerns
  • Ensure they went shopping for the food allowed on the MetaLife Program.
  • Set the participant up on the Interactive Coaching Platform (see MetaLife Interactive Coaching Platform):
    • Participant will go to either the Google Play Store or Apple App store, search for the Aceva app and download.
    • Health Coach will provide the participant their invite code via text or email. In most cases, it will be metalife-clinicsname (ex. metalife-warsaw)
    • Once the participant has connected to the Health Coach’s coaching platform, they will walk the participant through setting up their app on their mobile device, how to log information daily, how to send text messages through the app, how to upload pictures or documents via the app.
  • Give access to the private MetaLine Online forum (see MetaLife Online Forum).