Visits 3 – 13 MetaLife Classes

MetaLife Classes are designed to provide participants with social support, accountability and the opportunity to address challenges they may experience during their MetaLife Journey. The purpose of the weekly classes is to collect subjective and objective data, inspire a change of thinking and behavior via education and to provide individual feedback and support for each participant related to questions, symptoms and objective outcomes.

It is important to provide strong value to the session. The role should not be perceived as simply a cheerleader to congratulate attendees for their success but also as an educator and accountability coach. Body composition will be done as the attendees show up to the class and they will each do their body composition as you go through wins and adversities and discuss the topic of the week. Make sure to explain to attendees that the data will be reviewed by the health coach each week and we will print and present the report to the participant only ONCE A MONTH. It is recommended that you ensure that your Inbody Printer is not set to print reports automatically.  We do not print the data each week to avoid the participant getting discouraged if they do not lose weight one week, or one week they gain a pound as they start to integrate exercise into their daily routine. If you explain this upfront you will prevent from having to deny the attendees the data making them upset.

Make sure that you bring high value to the session by adding personal stories, current events, research or any other data or assets that will provide value to the class. Motivation and inspiration should be utilized with strong insights and practical advice make their lifestyle journey successful.

It is vital to establish the proper culture for participants to help them get the most out of their journey so you will continually reinforce the following principles:

  • Thoughts become things “Have you ever heard of the saying ‘Thoughts become things’? You have to change your thinking in order to change your life. As much as you may have initially thought that this program was about changing your diet to lose weight, I hope you are now starting to realize that it is much more about changing the way you think about and interact with not only food but your body. This can not only help you to lose weight but also to improve your health and change your life.”
  • Stay engaged“There will be points on this journey where you may lose momentum or progress or you may totally lose sight of the bigger reasons you committed to your MetaLife Journey. During these times, instead of retreating, it is important to refocus on your life effects or the things that will be brought to your life by achieving your health goals and lean into your MetaLife family for support, advice and encouragement. Remember you are not in this alone!”
  • Trust the system – “If you have questions about the MetaLife Program, please ask! You can rest assured that this program has been intricately designed through over 20 years of clinical and behavior change experience and hundreds of hours of program design and we have your best interests in mind! The best results are obtained by those that commit to following the program as closely as possible. Of course, we know the program can always improve so we also love to get feedback that can help us continue to deliver better and better results!”
  • Be open and honest  – “You will get out of the MetaLife program what you put into it! The results tracking and social aspects of the program are built to help monitor your progress and modify your program when necessary. Being open and honest about your actions and experience on your journey is the only way to get the results you desire!”
  • Be realistic “You will be making several key lifestyle changes over the next 12 weeks so be realistic with your goals and be patient with yourself. You will have assignments or ‘Inspired Actions’ each week but don’t expect to completely overhaul your entire life overnight. It is best to implement more modest changes that are sustainable. If there is a particular topic you are very excited about and you want to put more energy into, that’s great but as a general rule make changes at a slow and steady pace so you can adopt as many of your new habits as possible for the long term.”

Class Preparation and Flow

  • Class Resources – One of the most important principles of the MetaLife system is educating participants about how the daily choices they make impacts their body, their health and the quality of their life. Changing the way participants think about food and other daily decisions can not only create sustainable weight loss but also help them to create the life they desire.
      1. Video Lesson Series
        1. One way the MetaLife system accomplishes this goal is through weekly educational videos or ‘MetaLife Video Lessons’ and homework assignments or ‘Inspired Action.’ This will allow them to put what they’ve learned into practice. All of these video lessons can be found in the ML400 MetaLife Provider Weekly Class Resources or in the MetaLife Forms and Resources.
        2. You will show the first video on goal setting at the beginning of the Kick-Off Consultation. Please note that this first goal setting video is NOT part of the email campaign so it must be shown at this consultation. All other weekly videos can be viewed outside the office if the participants are enrolled in the video campaign or you can show each week’s video at the beginning of your group classes while everyone is doing their body composition testing. If you find your participants are not watching the videos at home, we recommend playing the video at the start of each class.
      2. Class Worksheets
        1. Found in ML400 MetaLife Provider Weekly Class Resources
        2. Have on file in case a participant didn’t bring their worksheet
          or as a courtesy for the next session so participants don’t have
          to print them out
      3. Health Coach Notes
        1. Click link ML420 Health Coach Notes (1 for each participant)
          Keep in a class file and pull these when you are giving insight
          to each participant so you can take notes on each case as you
          give insights.
  • Class Flow

It is important to set clear expectations about the class in order to be efficient and maintain control of the class. Explain how the class will run from the first week so you don’t have confusion or false expectations.

      1. Have each participant add any entries or comments that need to be made in the Aceva App (this data is updated immediately for the Health Coach to review on the Aceva Health Coaching Platform). Remind participants to make sure they are logging their units and making comments regarding their Quality of Life Score in the Aceva App regularly.
      2. Have participants immediately start doing the Body Composition test. [Only print the report every four weeks for the participant. There is a setting to turn off the printing in the InBody unit].
      3. You can begin playing the video (if you are doing onsite video versus the
        email campaign)
      4. Have participants fill out the worksheets (if they were not instructed to do it at home and bring it in)
      5. Utilize the ML400 MetaLife Provider Weekly Class Resources to manage each class weekly. 
        1. Wins/Challenges
        2. Lesson Summary
        3. Inspired Action
        4. Setting Goals
  • MetaLife Progression – The MetaLife diet is designed to shift the metabolic machinery of the body to burn fat versus burning sugar. The diet starts with an optional Fat Fast and proceeds with a high-quality fat diet. The following program modifications to maximize weight loss are also noted on the ML420 Health Coach Notes:
Month One – Eating Window 10 Hours
Weeks 1 –  2 Follow Normal Protocol
Week 3

Reduce Caloric Intake
Begin this week by dropping 1 fat and one protein unit. If the patient is having trouble eating the recommended protein units, then drop and additional protein unit.
Week 4 Continue protocol set in week 3
Month Two – Eating Window 8 Hours
Week 5 – Reassess If hungry and losing excessive muscle mass (evidenced by a drop in BMR >7.5%) Add back 1 protein unit.
Not hungry but losing excessive muscle mass Delay action for one week to reassess the hydration status of the patient because of the lack of hydration causing a potential false BMR. reading.
Hungry but not losing muscle mass Delay action for one week and if still complaint of hunger than add a protein if needed the following week.
Weeks 6 – 8 Continue protocol set in week 5
Month Three – Eating Window 6 Hours
Week 9 – Reassess If the patient is not complaining of hunger, drop an additional fat unit this week.
Week 10-12 Continue protocol set in week 9


  • Individual Program Modification
    1. One of the differentiators of the MetaLife system is the ability to modify the program based on objective findings to give participants the best opportunity at reaching their health goals. Through weekly monitoring of body composition as well as through subjective reporting by participants, you will uncover some scenarios in which a participant’s program needs to be modified.
    2. In the event that a participant is not showing expected progress or is experiencing undesirable, unproductive symptoms, the Health Coach should:
      1. Discuss the concern with the participant and notate the details on the Health Coach Notes Form.
      2. Refer to the Clinical Resource Guide section of this guide to troubleshoot the concern.
      3. Determine program modification, document modification on the ML425 Program Modification form and get approval from the primary MetaLife healthcare provider.
  • Final Class
    1. The participant will be given a lab requisition form (or lab kit if there is no LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics in the area) for the lab to be completed before the Program Review.  
    2. Give each participant a ML430 MetaLife Certificate (template must be customized and printed on decorative paper) for completing the initial 90-day program.
    3. Schedule participants for Program Review Consultation in seven days or more to give time for lab tests to return.
  • Class Tips:
    1. Wins/Challenges: When going over wins and challenges, don’t stay on one person too long trying to pull a win out of them. It must be authentic. Forcing a win is counterproductive and will make the class uncomfortable. Conversely, be careful when asking about challenges and someone is on a warpath to share everything wrong in their life, you need to acknowledge them firmly such as “Got it” and then continue to the next participant.
    2. Props: Props will create engagement with your group. For instance during the first session where you talk about cooking utensils, etc. you can bring in some of the items and pass them around. This will create dialogue and interest in the topic. Get creative and see what kind of props you can use.
    3. Stories: It is always powerful to follow up the video training with a personal story, current event story, or a story about a previous participants that engaged in the lesson and got incredible outcomes. It helps them relate to real people and real outcomes. Stories build both interest in the topic and trust in the presenter. Use them!
    4. Key Phrases to Use to Empower Your Clients:
      1. “How AWESOME are you?”  
      2. “It’s ONLY been ___ months and you already….”
      3. “… you are ALREADY doing better”